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Top 5 Best Healthy Cooking Oil In India | Best Cooking Oil (2020)

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Which oil is Best healthy cooking oil for Indian cooking?

As you know that oil is one of the most important ingredient in the kitchen because it helps to cook food and many other purpose.We almost use cooking oil for daily cooking purpose so as it is used for daily cooking it should be really healthy so that it can provide you the correct amount of fats required for the body and helps you to retain the nutrients in the food.In this Article i have listed some of the best healthy cooking oil in India which can be bought from Amazon

But if you use a bad quality of cooking oil than it may cause you disease like heart attack,weight gain,diabetes and cancer and other kind of disease.So you must always use a best cooking oil.

In market you get several type of cooking oil which are listed below:

1-Refined oil : This is one the most dangerous type of cooking oil which are widely used in our kitchen and for your information such types of oil are the main reason of disease as these kind of oil are extracted at high temperature using chemicals in which all the nutrients are lost in the process and are also added with preservatives and anti foaming agents that make the oil bad,colorless,tasteless and not good for your health.

2.Olive Oil : This type of oil are also nowadays popular in Indian market and you might have heard about this oil with someone who works out at gym or follow a strict healthy diet.These type of oil are the best one you can use of cooking but the problem is that it doesn’t mix well with Indian type of cooking and are very costly .

Apart from this all kind of oils are the best one to use for cooking but we recommend to use cold pressed oil or filtered oil are best healthy oil for cooking  .As these type of oil are maid using cold pressed technique which maintains the natural nutrients present in oil and are free from chemical and preservatives .

So in this article we have listed some of the best healthy cooking oil which you must definitely use for cooking purpose as it suits all kind of cooking style present in Indian market.

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If you dont have much time use the links below to quickly find the best healthy cooking oil on Amazon.You can be assured we only recommend the best products.

These are the Top 5 Best cooking oil in India (Reviews & Buying guide)

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A list of top best healthy cooking oil is also provided below. They are shortlisted after careful research and analysis.

5 best cooking oil in india

best healthy cooking oil in India
Our Rating

Fortune Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil, 1L


Gramiyum Cold Pressed/Wood Pressed Coconut Oil (500 ml)


Unrefined Wooden Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil/Natural Sesame Oil


Groundnut Oil Virgin Unrefined Wooden Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil


best healthy cooking oil in India
Our Rating

Divya KAMDHENU A2 Desi Gir organic Cow Ghee